Plastic tube decoration

Offset Printing and Varnishing incl. Capping

The compact and flexible dry offset printing and varnishing machine for plastic tubes incl, capping operations or dry offset printing and varnishing machine for sleeve.


  • Membrane punching and sealing
  • Cap screwing and tightening or Cap snap on
  • Print orientation to flip top cap
  • Dry Offset Printing and Varnishing



  • Quick change option for a fast design change
  • Surface pre-treatment by gas or by corona
  • Printing units with up to 8 colors
  • Pre-Print option for strong colours with transparent tubes
  • TS grip system, which holds the tubes or sleeves firmly on the mandrel. Less set-up time, better print quality
  • UV ink curing with progressive power regulation
  • Squeezing roller or anilox varnishing unit

Technical Data

RDA 24-165
Min./max. diameter
(16) 19-50 (60) mm
(16) 19-50 (60) mm
Skirt length
60-215 mm
50-215 mm
Max. printing width
205 mm
205 mm
Cap diameter
(16) 19-50 mm
(16) 19-50 mm
Max. printing speed
Weight of main machine
~10,000 kg
~12,000 kg
*(depending on configuration)

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