Extruded tube manufacturing

With a view to broadening our range of services, over the years we’ve sought to go further than just decorating and embellishing tubes. In addition to our direct-on-product printing technologies, we have developed technological processes to produce extruded tubes and then apply a closure to the tube. The automatic transfer of tubes between the production process steps is also one of our core competences. A technical extension that is, of course, fully compatible with our decoration possibilities.

With the integration of this key technology to create a finished tube from a sleeve, the range of services has been expanded, making us the competent partner for complete tube lines.


The technology to produce a tube from a sleeve

Once your sleeve is decorated, undecorated sleeves can be used just as well, so why not go straight to the next step? The head stage consists of forming the head on the sleeve with high pressure. At Polytype, we use a technological process known as compression molding. This allows you to apply different types of heads with a high quality finish.

Membrane Sealing

A technology to seal the head of your product

This is followed by membrane sealing, in which a seal is welded onto the product head. Here we apply the most precise assembly methods so that you benefit from optimum end quality. This seal guarantees the first opening guarantee of the product, which is necessary for a high level of product safety.


A technology for screwing or crimping your cap:

Finally, it’s time to place the cap on the head of your product. This capping stage must allow a certain flexibility to integrate any type of cap. At Polytype, we design assembly lines that allow you to use screw-on caps, with fine torque control to ensure neither too weak nor too strong tightening, as snap-on head with positioning.


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