At Polytype, we understand the sustainable challenges of our time


At Polytype, we understand the sustainable challenges of our time. As a responsible and committed economic player, we have the clear intention of making our contribution to the responsible use of resources. Already governed by strict ethical standards established many years ago, our business continues to be managed with a sustainable approach.

In our strategy we have set sustainability as a clear objective. To this end, we have developed a roadmap to take us step by step towards our goals. In the interests of transparency, and to proactively anticipate future legal obligations, we have also taken the decision to address sustainability and our efforts in this direction straightforwardly in our annual report.

We have also undertaken major infrastructure transformations within our facilities to reduce our environmental impact, while promoting sustainable habits and practices among our employees. As our employees are increasingly attentive to and demanding a sustainable commitment from their employer, we have taken care to fully integrate this aspect into our strong positioning in terms of ESG criteria.

The same goes for responding to the concerns and demands of our customers. Under considerable pressure to strengthen their sustainable positioning, many of our customers turn to us for support and guidance in this process. Therefore, it’s also part of our business responsibility to proactively anticipate these demands by elaborating sustainable possibilities and contributions.

In this way, through our strong and committed sustainability positioning, we intend to strengthen our reputation and attractiveness in this area. Whether it’s a question of exploiting it as a competitive advantage, responding to the demands of our customers, or echoing the motivation of the talents we must continue to attract with a committed and responsible approach.


Welcome to a world of exciting possibilities at Polytype! We believe in fostering a dynamic and inclusive workplace where talent thrives, innovation sparks, and careers flourish.

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