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We’ve been training apprentices since the company was founded in 1962. The people in charge of training at //polytype impart the necessary trade knowledge and professional awareness to young people.

With over 1000 apprentices trained, //polytype offers you an apprenticeship marked by experience and professionalism.


Christoph Wider
+41 26 426 12 32


Who we are?

In Fribourg, close to the French-German border and in the middle of multilingual Switzerland, we started out 50 years ago with the development and manufacture of cup and tube printing machines. Today, //polytype is one of the world’s leading companies in its field. Our group employs around 450 people worldwide. We have branches in Switzerland, Germany, the USA and Asia.

With 19 apprentices, we are an important partner of the canton. Since our beginnings in 1962, we have trained over 1,200 apprentices in the technical sector.

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In 2024, we offer apprenticeships for the following professions:

// Automatician CFC

// Industrial draughtsman/builder CFC

// Logistician CFC

// Polymechanic CFC


How to apply?

Applicants interested in an apprenticeship position for 2024 should send their application to //polytype together with the following documents:

Letter of application and curriculum vitae

Completed application form

School marks for the last two years

Result of one of the following tests:


Important information

To secure an apprenticeship, an internship is essential.

Don’t forget to register in good time.

Applications are processed on an ongoing basis. Start of apprenticeship is in August.

Your contact for vocational training

Start of apprenticeship is in August 2024.

Your contact person:

Christoph Wider
Direct +41 26 426 12 32

Polytype AG
Vocational training
26, route de la Glâne
CH-1701 Fribourg

A glimpse into the professional world with an internship

In order to present our professions, we organize 2-day internships in collaboration with the Frimeca training center. You can also discover 2 trades in one week.

The following trades are on offer:

  •     automatician CFC
  •     CFC constructor
  •     logistician CFC
  •     CFC production mechanic
  •     polymechanic CFC
  •     Traineeship in automation

Following numerous requests, those interested in an automatician traineeship are asked to register with a letter accompanied by school marks for the last 2 years.


Interested parties can register by email: formation(at)polytype.com

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Welcome to a world of exciting possibilities at Polytype! We believe in fostering a dynamic and inclusive workplace where talent thrives, innovation sparks, and careers flourish.

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